Local Projects Support Program

The Alcoa Institute’s Local Projects Support Program supports civil society organization and public sector projects in five areas that are considered priority, based on a social diagnosis carried out by the Institute: education, health, the environment, security and work and income. The program is promoted in all  locations in which Alcoa operates.


To receive financing from the Alcoa Institute, interested organizations must carefully read the information, which includes details of the documents necessary and eligible locations. If they meet the requirements, they must complete the registration form to present a project that must last a year.


The institution must be able to rely on support from at least one other partner organization for carrying out the project, in order to favor the sustainability of the initiatives and the changes that will result from it.
The local teams in all units of Alcoa in Brazil who receive funds from the Alcoa Institute and Alcoa Foundation following an internal procedure for the projects selected for their location to be approved by the Alcoa Institute.

Support Program for Local Projects

The process begins with the Community Framework, comprehensive management tool used by Alcoa, Alcoa managed by the Institute, which acts as a guide for evaluating the relationship between Alcoa and its stakeholders. As part of this methodology are elaborated in the research communities, as well as reviews of local leadership.

From there it developed an Annual Investment Community which includes the social investment strategy of each unit. This strategy is shared with the Community Relations Advisory Council, comprised of representatives from public and private organizations, which together with the unit of Alcoa prioritize the projects that will be forwarded to the Alcoa Institute.

The Technical Committee of the Alcoa Institute, in turn, evaluates and approves the projects according to pre-defined strategies in the region. The criteria for approval of projects include, among others, the analysis of objectives and indicators presented, and the sustainability of the project.