For over one hundred years Alcoa has been a leading supplier of solutions in aluminum for the aerospace segment and for all this time it has been improving its product portfolio to meet the ever increasing needs of its customers, thus making it possible to explore new frontiers.

Almost all the aluminum alloys currently used in the aerospace sector were originally developed by Alcoa. Many of today’s new aircraft programs incorporate the company’s product innovations.

An example of this is the new Boeing 787, which was the first commercial aircraft to use large aluminum-lithium sheets (developed and supplied by Alcoa). There are more than 1 million Alcoa fasteners in Boeing 787s and Airbus A380s.

Alcoa’s knowledge extends far beyond supplying high tech, quality products: it is behind our understanding of how materials behave in innovatively designed fuselage structures and the company’s integrated solutions are to be found right from the conception phase of an aircraft. Alcoa’s objective is to ensure that airplanes become ever safer, lighter, more economical and more comfortable.