Utinga - Santo André (SP)

The Extruded Products unit of Alcoa in the industrial district of Utinga, in Santo André, in the greater São Paulo area, was acquired in 1996 by Alcoa Alumínio S.A., having been originally established in 1943 by Alcan Alumínio do Brasil.

The materials produced by the plant are mainly for the industrial market, in particular for the automotive, transport, electrical equipment, machines and equipment, and consumer goods sectors.

It has the largest extrusion press in Latin America, is the administrative headquarters of the Extruded Products Division in the region and houses the Alcoa Training Center (CTA). At present, it has about 400 employees.




Rua Felipe Camarão, 454
Santo André (SP)
CEP 09220-580
(55 11) 3583-7000
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