Juruti (PA)

After some years of mineral prospecting in the entire Juruti region in the western part of Pará State, conducted by the company Reynolds Metals, Alcoa decided to acquire from this company, in 2000, the research rights for the region and to start conducting in-depth studies in the plateaus of Capiranga, Guaraná and Mauari, along the municipal boundaries of Juruti. Given the decision to invest in mining bauxite, the company established the process for licensing and building a mining enterprise. The Bauxite Mine started operating in September of 2009.


With reserves of some 700 million metric tons, Juruti has one of the world’s largest deposits of high quality bauxite. The initial production capacity was 2.6 million metric tons a year. At present, the Juruti Bauxite Mine is operating with a capacity of 3.6 million metric tons a year. Besides the mining facilities, the enterprise also has other facilities, such as the bauxite processing area, which lies some 60 km away from the town. The company also built a railway covering roughly 55 kilometers, which operates with 40 railway cards, each of which can carry 80 tons. The Juruti port terminal, 2 km away from the center of the town, along the banks of the Amazon River, is suitable for ships as large as 75,000 tons, similar to those on the Panamá Canal.

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