Itapissuma (PE)

One of the most important industrial complexes of Alcoa Latin America and Caribbean, the Itapissuma (PE) unit has been part of Alcoa Alumínio S.A. since 1981, when ASA - Alumínio S.A. was acquired. This factory is where the extruded and flat-rolled products are made.

Products produced in Itapissuma supply countless markets. The extruded profiles go to the transport, machinery, electrical equipment, consumer goods and civil construction sectors. The rolled products are used in the pharmaceutical, food, civil construction, automotive, naval, textile, home appliance, packaging and bicycle sectors. The unit has one thousand employees.

With facilities that are 35 km away from the Pernambuco State capital and on the banks of the Santa Cruz Canal, an important mangrove area in this state, Alcoa stands out for its respect for the environment. The ecosystem of its landscape and the environmental awareness of each employee confirm the company’s worldwide philosophy.



Rod PE 35 km 3
Distrito Industrial
Itapissuma (PE)
CEP 53700-000
(55 81) 3543 6600
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