Your Health

As an Alcoa employee, you and your eligible dependents are eligible for a comprehensive package of health benefits. These benefits are an important part of your total compensation because both you and Alcoa share in the cost of your coverage.


Use your health care benefits wisely. Being familiar with your health care plans and how they work helps control costs for both you and Alcoa.



Alcoa offers several medical plan options— each with its own deductible, out-of-pocket maximums, and coinsurance. However, all options have some things in common.


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Alcoa’s prescription drug plan helps you lower your prescription drug costs and protects you from high cost of some drugs with an out-of-pocket maximum.


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Maintaining an optimal level of wellness can lead to a higher quality life. Alcoa’s wellness programs can help you reach optimal wellness.


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Alcoa’s dental options differ in coverage, deductibles, coinsurance amounts, and maximums.


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Alcoa's vision plan provides benefits for routine exams, frames and lenses, and contacts.


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Flexible Spending Accounts allow you to put aside pre-tax money to help pay out-of-pocket expenses.


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