Alcoa Global Wellness Initiative

Well being is vital to advancing each generation.


The Alcoa Global Wellness Initiative focuses on the most important issues for Alcoans and their families: increasing physical activity, encouraging healthy nutrition, being tobacco-free, and enhancing well being. Research shows that poor choices in these four categories cause 75% of chronic disease. Making positive choices with respect to your lifestyle in these four areas can dramatically improve the quality of your life.


Good health and wellness in within reach, and Alcoa has created a network of support to help employees and their families understand their health risks, learn healthy behaviors, and improve their health so that they can safely work and play. This network includes:

  • Worksite Wellness Programs
  • Personal Health Coaches



Worksite Wellness Programs
An employer that reinforces your good health and well being can make it easier for you to live your best life, and to be more fulfilled in everything that you do. Alcoa is building an infrastructure of programming, tools, resources and support to help employees improve the quality of their lives at work and at home.

  • Employee Wellness Committees: These committees create customized programs addressing specific wellness issues for our employees. We hope that you will participate in the wellness programs at your location, as well as corporate-wide campaigns and events.
  • Online Tools and Resources: Our portal community, accessible to employees through the Alcoa Network, features a variety of online tools to help you determine your current state of wellness and set  healthy goals. It also contains an array of easy-to-use guides and real-life advice from fellow Alcoans.
  • Support, Encouragement and Inspiration: We are gathering and promoting wellness success stories from around the globe in a variety of Alcoa communication outlets. Learn the secrets of success and be inspired by colleagues who have lost weight, improved a chronic condition, quit smoking or made a significant improvement in their overall health and well being.


Health Coaches
Highmark Blues on Call health coaches help Alcoa employees and their families by:

  • Providing coaching on wellness and lifestyle issues (when requested)
  • Calling to offer assistance in dealing with chronic health conditions, a new diagnosis, prescription medications and other health issues.


We all have the power to improve our health and wellness. Extensive research shows that a majority of health issues affecting Alcoans and their families are preventable and can be dramatically improved with simple lifestyle changes. The Alcoa Global Wellness Initiative is designed to give you the tools, resources and support to make your life better.


If you elected an HMO/EPO for your coverage, consult your provider for wellness programs.