Using Your Spending Account Card

For success in using Your Spending Account™:

  • Save your receipts. If you can't provide them upon request, your claim will be denied.
  • Important: Don't pay your coinsurance amount when you receive services from a provider. Wait until after your provider submits the claim to your medical claims administrator and then bills you. Your coinsurance amount is calculated based upon Alcoa's discounted network rate—if you pay before that claim is processed, you'll pay too much!
  • Although Your Spending Account™ card says "debit" on the front, you must choose "credit" when you swipe your card. This will require your signature. If you choose the "debit" option, your transaction will not be processed.
  • Use Your Spending Account™ card when paying for prescriptions through the mail-order service or at a retail pharmacy. Your prescription drug coinsurance amount is already programmed into their computer systems.


Remember: You do not have to use Your Spending Account™ card to take advantage of your HRA.


If you don't want to use the card, simply save your receipts for eligible health care expenses and submit claim forms for reimbursement.