Understanding Your Explanation of Benefits

When you visit a doctor or have a service performed, you'll receive an Explanation of Benefits, often called an EOB. This document shows how much the service cost, how much the plan (Alcoa) paid, and how much you owe.


An EOB includes:

  • provider name
  • date of service
  • charge(s) for that service
  • Alcoa's network discounts
  • Alcoa's share of the charge
  • your share of the charge, if any
  • how much of your deductible (individual and family) you have paid to date
  • how much of your out-of-pocket maximum (individual and family) you have paid to date

You can receive paper copies of your EOBs mailed to your home address, or request electronic versions by logging on to your medical claims administrator's website.


It's a good idea to keep your EOBs so you can refer to them to determine your annual health care expenses. You can use your EOBs to help project future costs when it's time to enroll again in your benefits.


How to Make Sense of Your EOB
Here's what an EOB looks like and some hints on how to read it.