Tips for Using Mail Order and Maintenance Choice

It Pays to Use Mail Order

Here are the advantages of using mail order:

  • You pay no deductible when you order by mail.
  • You get free generics when you fill your prescription by mail.
  • You can get up to a 90-day supply when you fill your prescription by mail.
  • You get your refills simply and easily: order online at, call 1-888-291-6372, or use the preprinted forms mailed with your prescriptions.

Use mail order for maintenance drugs that you take long term or any prescriptions that you don't need immediately.


For example, if you have an infection and need an antibiotic right away, go to the retail pharmacy. Or if you have a new prescription and don't know yet if it will work for you, fill that at your retail pharmacy.


Use mail order for drugs you know you'll use long term, like a blood pressure pill, cholesterol pill, or insulin.


Get started with mail order

  • For a new drug, fill out the mail order form and send it with your original prescription to CVS Caremark.
  • For a refill, call 1-888-291-6372 or or go online at to order. Online, you can even request to get reminder e-mails, phone calls, or text messages when it's time to order your refill.
  • If your doctor gives you a new prescription and you want to try mail order, you may want to request two prescriptions. Here's why: If you want to start using the drug right away, request a 30-day prescription that you can fill at your local pharmacy. Also request a 90-day prescription that you can mail to CVS Caremark.
  • Allow 14 days to receive a new prescription by mail from CVS Caremark and about 7 days to receive a refill by mail-order.


Paying for your mail order prescriptions

  • Use your Health Care Fund FSA (flexible spending account). Simply provide Your Spending Account™ card number.
  • Use a credit card or Your Spending Account™ card.
  • Send a check (from either your personal or HSA checking account) for the estimated amount. If your actual charges are less, you'll be reimbursed. If they're more, you'll receive a bill with your prescription.
  • Use Your Spending Account card number or a credit card for fastest service.


Contact CVS Caremark to get an estimate of how much your prescription will cost.

see instructions on getting a cost estimate


Providing a credit card number or Your Spending Account account number is the fastest and easiest way to get your refills. Using this method, some employees receive mail order refills in two days!