Retirement Overview

When should I retire?

Need guidance to make that big decision? This resource from the Society of Actuaries can help.

Get ready for your future: Take advantage of the Alcoa Retirement Savings Plan 


The Alcoa Retirement Savings Plan helps you build financial security for your retirement. The plan provides an ideal way for you to save and invest for a financially secure future by offering:

  • Company contributions: Depending on your work location, Alcoa may match a portion of every pre-tax dollar you contribute, up to 6 percent of eligible earnings. In addition, depending on your work location and when you were hired, Alcoa may contribute a percentage of your eligible earnings, even if you decide not to make your own contributions to the plan. Company contributions are immediately 100% vested.
  • Convenience: Your contributions are deducted from your pay, making saving easy.
  • Automatic features: You can choose to have your pre-tax savings contribution rate increase automatically or have your portfolio rebalanced.
  • Tax savings and tax-deferred growth: Your pre-tax contributions and investment earnings are not taxed until you withdraw them.
  • Choice: A wide range of investment options allow you to diversify your savings consistent with your risk preference.
  • Investment tools: Numerous online tools help you to make good investment decisions easily.
  • Easy to manage: You can use the UPoint website or your telephone to track and manage your savings.
  • Portability: If you leave Alcoa, your savings and company contributions can go with you.

When you decide to participate in the plan, you are taking an important step toward planning for your future financial needs.



Retirement Savings Timeline  

At any age

Start saving in the Alcoa Retirement Savings Plan! Take advantage of the company matching contribution and the power of compounding to help your money grow faster.

Age 50

Begin making catch-up contributions to your Alcoa Retirement Savings Plan

Age 59 1/2

No tax penalties on early withdrawals from your account – but leaving your money in your account gives it more time to grow

Age 62

Minimum age to receive Social Security benefits. If you wait, you’ll receive a bigger monthly benefit.

Age 65

Eligible for Medicare

Age 66

Eligible for full Social Security benefits if you were born between 1943 and 1954

Age 67

Eligible for full Social Security benefits if you were born in 1955 or later

Age 69

If you are no longer employed by Alcoa, you are required to withdraw your entire Alcoa Retirement Savings Plan balance.

Age 70 1/2

Federal law requires you to start taking minimum withdrawals from your retirement savings by this age