Your Investment Options

The Alcoa Savings Plan offers a variety of investment options, ranging from a conservative stable-value fund to more risky and aggressive funds. This well-balanced selection gives you the opportunity to invest your savings among several different types of stock, Bond, and balanced investments funds.



Spreading your savings among different investments is called diversification — a strategy that lowers your investment risk and provides a better opportunity for account growth in the long term. Some funds are organized as Mutual Funds while others are Collective Trust Funds, separate accounts, or Company stock funds. Each option represents a different type of investment with its own degree of risk and potential return. This wide range of investments allows you to choose the mix that best meets your personal financial goals.


Fund Information

Basic information on all current available investment options is available in the Savings & Retirement section on UPoint. To receive a fund’s complete Prospectus — which contains details such as operating expenses, financial statements, and past and current performance — visit the Savings & Retirment section of UPoint or call 1-888-ALCOA123 (1-888-252-6212).


You are not limited to one investment choice. You can invest in any one or a combination of the funds, in one percent increments, as long as the total equals 100 percent. Your investment choice applies to all the money you contribute, Company matching contributions, employer retirement income contributions and to any rollover contributions. Whatever mix you select remains in effect until you change it (see “Making and Changing Investment Elections” on page 16 for additional information).


For the advanced investor

If you’re an experienced investor, the Alcoa Savings Plan can meet your needs, too. You can have access to a full brokerage window if you open a Personal Choice Retirement Account through Schwab. This feature of Alcoa Savings Plan gives you access to hundreds of mutual fund families and individual stocks.