Employee Referral Program

Refer a friend to Alcoa. If we hire them, you get a bonus!


Nobody knows the rewards and opportunities of working for Alcoa better than Alcoans like you. That's why we want you to help us recruit talented new employees -- and we're willing to pay for it.


Our Employee Referral Program will pay you a bonus of $1,000 if we hire someone that you refer to us using our referral web page.


It's a simple process:

  1.  Fill in the referral form on the referral website.

  2.  We'll contact your candidate via email and request that they fill out our online

  3.  If we hire one of your referrals and they stay with Alcoa for six months, you
       get paid!

For you to be eligible for the reward, your candidate must:

  • be a new applicant (have not applied for an Alcoa position in the last 12 months)
  • not be an Alcoa intern, contractor, consultant, or vendor
  • be hired and employed as an Alcoan for six months

Active full- and part-time salaried employees based in the United States are eligible.


The following employees are not eligible for an employee referral award:

  • Executive Directors/Chief Officers
  • employees in Job Grades 24 and above
  • employees whose job functions include recruiting or Human Resources
  • supervisor or other employee involved in the recruiting process for that particular position
  • employees on leave of any type
  • Alcoa interns, temps, vendors, contractors, or consultants

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