Automatic Refill Program

Let CVS Caremark Automatically Renew and Refill Your Maintenance Medications


If you or a family member takes common* maintenance medications for a chronic condition or long-term therapy, this mail service program could provide you with the convenience and ease of automatic refills and renewals.


By enrolling in the Automatic Renewal and Refill Service, CVS Caremark will:

  • Automatically send your mail service maintenance medications at the appropriate time
  • Request a new prescription from your doctor when a prescription is about to expire or when the last refill has been filled
  • Keep you informed about your prescription status using the method you choose - automated phone call, e-mail or text message
  • Make it easier to get your prescriptions on time.


Enroll at and click "Refill Prescriptions" or call Customer Care toll-free at 1-888-291-6372


It’s your choice – delivery or pharmacy pick-up

The Maintenance Choice program allows you to receive the mail order level of benefits for maintenance medications two ways:

  • Delivered to you; or
  • Refilled at a CVS pharmacy


The prescription for your maintenance medication must be written for a 90-day supply for both options.


To find out if your maintenance medications are eligible, simply log on to and click on "Refill Prescriptions" or call Customer Care toll-free at 1-888-291-6372.


*Not all mail service prescriptions are eligible. Medications such as controlled substances and specialty drugs are not part of the program.