Asthma and Diabetes Drugs

Diabetes and asthma are among the most common chronic diseases affecting Alcoa employees and their dependents.


Daily management of these conditions often requires the use of brand-name drugs that have no generic alternatives, and if treatment is not regulated, the individual can become seriously ill very quickly.


Asthma and diabetes drugs will be paid under the Brand 80/20 category. What this means to you:

  • If your asthma or diabetes drug has no generic alternative available: You will pay 20% of the costs, and the Plan will pay 80%. There is no deductible.
  • If your asthma or diabetes drug has a generic equivalent drug available: You’ll pay the coinsurance for the generic drug (10% if you go to a pharmacy or 0% if you order through the mail) plus the difference in cost between the brand-name and generic drugs. The maximum coinsurance limit applies but there is no maximum for the difference in cost.