Project Reports

Commercial construction


Due to their multiple possibilities, proven quality and excellent performance, the aluminum windows and doors of Alcoa Architectuursystemen are frequently applied in commercial construction projects. The systems are highly suitable for anti-theft and fire-resistant applications. Alcoa demonstrates that the aluminum facade systems deliver a demonstrable added value to the design.
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Residential construction

Considering the developments in residential construction and the priority that both cooperatives and home owners place on such items as comfort, safety, durability and lowering the use of energy in the home, Alcoa Architectuursystemen provides various solutions in residential construction.
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The aluminum windows and doors of Alcoa Architectuursystemen are highly suitable for renovation projects. Specific profiles have been developed especially for renovations, to replace wooden and steel windows, while maintaining the external look, but with the comfort of aluminum.
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Public Building

Comfort, safety (fire and burglary), freedom in shape and color, maintenance and user friendly are some key criteria of the aluminum windows, doors and facades of Alcoa Architectuursystemen. Thanks to these criteria, the Alcoa aluminum systems are often used in homes, schools, museums, stadiums, theaters and national monuments.
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