Curtain Wall AA 100 Q Twist

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AA 100 Q Twist AA 100 Q Twist Lakeside AA100Q Twist Detail AA100Q Twist
AA 100 Q Twist
AA 100 Q Twist
AA 100 Q Twist
AA 100 Q Twist
Lakeside AA100Q Twist
Lakeside AA100Q Twist
Detail AA100Q Twist
Detail AA100Q Twist

Product Specifications

AA 100 Q Twist - aluminium facade system for freely arched facades

The AA 100 Q Twist is the first curtain wall in the world that can be bent into virtually all sizes. This freely bent facade can be designed with a pivoted window by means of a multi-point lock closure. This product development is the result of cooperation between architect Dr. Karel Vollers, Van Campen Aluminium and Alcoa Architectuursystemen.
The technique
The AA 100 Q Twist is based on the facade system AA 100 Q developed by Alcoa Architectuursystemen for constructing straight, slanted and segmented facades. Characteristic to the AA 100 Q Twist is the split into a stiff rear profile that connects parallelly to the system of floors and walls, and a glazing profile that bends with the bulging glass surface and always lies flat against the window pane. This allows the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the AA 100 Q Twist to flow into each other. The invention of the AA 100 Q Twist signifies a breakthrough in this area. A curved glass facade with an incorporated pivoting window, opens even more application possibilities for this new form of free architecture.
Problems with standard systems:
  • varying connection to the building 
  • twisting of large profiles with complex cross cuts is very expensive 
  • this is especially true when all the ones with varying radii are bent with a different 3D
  • the back profile has a simple cross cut and only needs to be bent 2D 
  • the glass profile can be bent manually because of the large radius of the facades 
  • connection to wall, column, floor can be standardized to, e.g., right angles or parallel 
  • simple measuring and positioning 
  • the windows consist of standard components

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