AA 9562 Aluminium façade

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Alcoa Building 1953

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AA 9562 Aluminium façade

High degree of freedom in design, prefabrication, high product quality, scaffold-free assembly, "just-in-time” delivery and minimal storage on-site. These are just a few of the advantages the aluminum façades of Alcoa Architectuursystemen have to offer.
Prefabricating the elements in a controlled environment without any weather influences enables you to use specialized machines. This minimizes the room for error and allows for the elements to be produced complete with glazing. All of this ensures a high level of product quality and detail.
The completed elements are sent to the construction site where there will be no need for assembly. The façade elements can be mounted straight from the truck directly into the building. Applying our façade system allows you to use the "just-in-time” delivery principle, optimizing your logistics.
Our certified and patented anchoring system allows you to stack the façade elements in an easy manner and attach them to the supporting structure of the building. This method results in a reduction in construction time, construction costs and staff required.
As a basis for the façade elements, one can chose from the Alcoa window and door systems RT 62, RT 72 and RT 72 HR or the Alcoa AA 100 Q curtain wall system. All moving parts in the façade elements can be (custom) designed in accordance with a wide variety of specifications. Without additional facilities storey-high façade elements can be produced in wide sizes.
As always, Alcoa façade elements offer you a high degree of freedom in design. The façade elements are available in the following  designs;
• Standard flat design
• Structural design for an extra flat façade and minimal disturbance to the front view
• Picture frame design in which additional emphasis is put on the divisions of the façade elements for the creation of an industrial appearance

You imagine it, we’ll make it! We truly encourage you to be as creative as you can be. Think up your most beautiful and daring ideas and we will assist you in realizing it. In Harderwijk, a team of dedicated technicians is standing by for you to realize your ideas in a practical and technical sense. Naturally all design are put to the test in our center for Testing & Training to ensure the highest level of quality possible.
If you have questions, or if you are looking for a different sollution, please contact us by phone 0341 - 464 615 or e-mail office@alcoa.com.

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