Alcoa differentiates itself from the competition by providing integrated materials solutions for your heat exchanger materials needs. Alcoa is uniquely positioned to supply all of your heat exchanger needs, including thick and thin gage clad aluminum.

Alloy/process development takes on a high priority at Alcoa in HVAC applications. Alcoa has developed several alloys to meet every customer's need. Below are links to information on Alcoa's offerings for the HVAC market. If you do not find an alloy that fits your particular need, please contact us to see if Alcoa can tailor an alloy to suit your product.

Alcoa Brazing Sheet Alloys
Product Attributes for Alcoa Alloys
Alcoa High Strength 037x Alloy Family
Alcoa Multiple Layer Brazing Sheet

From time to time, Alcoa produces trials of advanced material for customers, in which some material may be available for trial at your site.