The Heat Exchanger Material Technical Center (HXTC), the main research and development facility for Alcoa's brazing sheet, and is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The HXTC is a world-class facility, staffed with engineers solely dedicated to the development of brazing sheet and extrusions for heat exchanger applications.

Prototype Material Fabrication

One of the major keys to advanced material development in brazing sheet is Alcoa's ability to hand roll small trial material samples. Material is direct chill cast at Alcoa's Technical Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The ingots are then shipped to the Heat Exchanger Materials Technical Center where they are cut, scalped and homogenized as needed. Sandwiches of clad and core are assembled, and hot rolled to a gauge of approximately 0.125". The material is then trimmed, and heat-treated as necessary. After, the material is cold rolled to final gauge.

The HXTC cold mill is capable of producing prototype samples of clad products .05mm to 10mm thick in widths 50mm to 203mm wide.

At the Heat Exchanger Materials Technical Center (HXTC), material characterization is performed in a manner consistent with customer processing. At HXTC mini drawn cup style evaporator tubeplates are stamped in a progressive die. Louvered finstock is fabricated on site for inclusion into the mini heat exchangers. Both plate fin, and tube fin heat exchangers including condensers, radiators, heater cores, and extruded evaporators can be fabricated at HXTC.

The cores are then assembled, fixtured and brazed in the semi continuous CAB furnace. This type of evaluation method provides a more real world assessment of formability and thin out, brazability, and post braze corrosion resistance.

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Fin Machine

Evap die in Press


Mini-Evaporator Fin