About the project

Following the closure of the Point Henry smelting and rolling operations in 2014, the decommissioning and rehabilitation of the site that houses the former smelting and rolling operations has begun.

A local project team has been established and has engaged suitably qualified experts to support a comprehensive assessment of the 575 hectare site.

The local Alcoa team is backed by the company’s global project and asset management group with expertise in environmental remediation, facility decommissioning and project management.

There are three tiers to this project:
Environmental management
Land Planning

Alcoa’s strong commitment to its values of health, safety and protection of the environment are key priorities in this project.

This is expected to be a complex process over a period of three to five years with final decommissioning, environmental remediation requirements, and long term land use being closely inter-related.

Community consultation and engagement will be critical and planning is underway for broader engagement as we move through the project.