April 18, 2008

Senior Alcoa Scientist Awarded Murdoch University Senate Medal

It was announced this week that Alcoa Mining Environmental Research Manager, Dr Ian Colquhoun is one of three recipients to be recognised with a prestigious Senate Medal from Western Australia’s Murdoch University.

The Senate Medal is an annual citation from Murdoch University that recognises outstanding service to the University over a period of at least 5 years.
Dr Colquhoun is being recognised for working closely with academic staff at Murdoch University’s School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology since 1983.

His support of teaching and research at Murdoch University has underpinned the success of the Tree Pathology group in Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, as well as assisting with research in the School of Environmental Science.

His support has facilitated significant financial and in-kind contributions from Alcoa, mentoring of University students and staff by Alcoa personnel, and public acknowledgement of Murdoch’s contributions.

Through his extensive industry connections, Dr Colquhoun has also facilitated collaboration between Murdoch staff and DEC, Worsley Alumina, BHP Billiton, University of Western Australia and Tiwest.
Dr Colquhoun said he was honoured to receive the Senate Medal from Murdoch University and also paid tribute to his employer Alcoa of Australia and colleagues at Alcoa Huntly Mining for their role in his achievements.
“I have gained a lot professionally and personally in working with people from Murdoch University and am delighted to be honoured with the Senate Medal.
“My employer, Alcoa of Australia, has been very encouraging of me building these relationships and working with the University as the company strongly supports knowledge sharing.
“Alcoa takes a collaborative approach to its environmental research, we’re always looking for opportunities to work with organisations such as universities to share knowledge and improve our mine rehabilitation practices. 
“These relationships are win-win for all involved – Alcoa, the university, and any university students that are involved with the project.  Alcoa gains access to the best knowledge and expertise, the university wins through the provision of funding by Alcoa, and the students have the opportunity to work on real-life projects and to see the outcomes of their research implemented.
“Alcoa is very willing to share the outcomes of its research so that it can be used in the work of others in the industry and local landcare groups. 
“I look forward to continuing my long association with Murdoch University and their talented people”, Mr Colquhoun said.
The Senate Medal awards ceremony will take place on the 7th May 2008 at the Murdoch University Staff Award Ceremony.