April 30, 2010

Alcoa and Greening Australia win another award for 'Moolapio'

Greening Australia Media Release

The Moolapio project has won the 2010 Victorian Coastal Award for Excellence, for Coastal Planning and Management, presented by the Honourable Gavin Jennings, Victorian Minister for Environment and Climate Change, in a ceremony this week.
The ‘Moolapio’ project is a partnership initiative between Greening Australia and Alcoa of Australia, and is initially focused on 500 hectares of Alcoa’s land at Point Henry, Geelong.  The site is an exciting and diverse range of landforms, including rare foreshore habitats to expansive saline and freshwater wetlands to agricultural land.

Presenting the awards, Minister Jennings said the Brumby Labor Government was committed to helping communities protect Victoria’s coastal environment.

“The Brumby Labor Government is helping communities protect their local environment because we understand how important it is for all Victorians,” Mr Jennings said.

“These awards recognise and acknowledge outstanding contributions to protecting the values of Victoria’s coast – be they natural, historical, visual or built. In addition to the environmental benefits, a healthy coast encourages tourism which creates jobs in local communities,” he said.

The outstanding natural features of the Moolapio site at Point Henry, and the long-term commitment by Alcoa, is enabling Greening Australia to combine all the necessary ingredients to affect real conservation and landscape change; ecologically rigorous planning, science-based restoration practice and evaluation, and a diverse approach to community engagement.

According to Ron Dodds, Regional Manager for Greening Australia Victoria, this project ticks boxes for both the local community and the scientific community.

“Greening Australia is transforming landscapes across the country by entering into partnerships like this one with Alcoa and the Australian Government.  We engage communities and provide environmental opportunity for local people.  Our planning and restoration work is based on sound scientific research and this project in particular will extend our ability to continue research into grassland restoration and coastal protection on a considerable scale.”

Alcoa’s Point Henry Operations Manager Stewart Esdale said the award was recognition for a partnership that is producing real results for the environment and community.

“Protecting and preserving the environment is a core element of Alcoa’s sustainability commitment and the Moolapio project is a fantastic example of Alcoa working with Greening Australia to engage the local community and improve the environmental landscape surrounding the smelter.”

The Award recognises excellence in developing and implementing a sustainable land management plan. The Moolapio project encompasses land management, revegetation, seed production and community education and awareness on the Alcoa site at Point Henry, Geelong, Victoria.
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The ‘Moolapio’ project is a partnership initiative between Greening Australia and Alcoa of Australia.