August 13, 2013

Wagerup refinery's environmental licence

Alcoa welcomes the Environment Minister’s announcement today to amend the Wagerup refinery’s environmental licence to increase the refinery’s annual production limit from 2.6 to 2.65 million tonnes a year.

This is not an expansion of the refinery. An increase in the production limit by 50,000 tonnes a year will result in very little change to the plant and to the local area. The refinery’s daily production limit of 8400 tonnes per day, which the business is yet to produce, will not change.

Alcoa’s General Manager WA Operations Simon Butterworth said the licence change recognises improvements in production efficiency at Wagerup and Alcoa’s ongoing efforts to further reduce emissions from what is already one of the cleanest alumina refineries in the world.

“As we run the plant more efficiently the average daily production will increase slightly but overall there will be no noticeable change at Wagerup,” Mr Butterworth said.