October 20, 2011

Alcoa banks beef for people in need

Alcoa of Australia has kicked-off a new initiative by Foodbank WA to increase the amount of meat protein available to people in need with a donation of beef sourced from Alcoa Farmlands.

Alcoa’s commitment is the first donation to Meat Bank, a project being developed by Foodbank WA to encourage partnerships between the meat industry and leading businesses. The project aims to guarantee a consistent supply of meat is available for people in need.

Alcoa Farmlands Manager Tony Hiscock was on-hand to deliver the 250kg of minced beef and 3,000 beef sausages to Bunbury Foodbank and called for other WA meat producers to follow suit.

“Meat is something many of us take for granted, but for a growing number of Western Australian’s it is an important food source they seldom get to enjoy,” Mr Hiscock said.

“I urge all meat producers to consider what they can do to help fill this enormous need.”

Foodbank WA estimates it needs a minimum of 4000kg of meat products each week. This will provide 40,000 serves of protein that will benefit families, the elderly and the homeless.

Foodbank WA Chief Executive Officer, Greg Hebble said, “People who seek food aid are often making choices between basic needs such as food, rent, fuel and power.

“Meat is often the first item cut from their diet when they are trying to make ends meet and we simply do not have enough meat donations to meet current demand.

“Through the Meat Bank project, and with the generous support of Alcoa, we hope to turn this trend around.”

The donation and call to action comes one week after Alcoa of Australia’s senior executives took time out to pack food hampers at Foodbank’s Welshpool warehouse as part of the company’s global Month of Service.

Alcoa Managing Director Alan Cransberg said the donation of beef was the perfect complement to the volunteer activity.

“It’s personally gratifying to give time and resources to supporting organisations that serve our community and need support. I hope that with this activity, we will encourage others to do the same.”

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