August 30, 2011

Temporary Power Outage at Portland Aluminium

PORTLAND - Portland Aluminium experienced a brief power outage on Saturday 27th August as a result of a failure to one of the site’s 22kV distribution transformers.
Temporary generators have been utilised to provide alternative power to minimise the impact of the transformer failure. 
Production Manager, Peter Chellis, described the impact to production as minimal with only one out of the two potlines affected by the outage.
“The rapid and effective response to this outage meant that Line 1 was down and without power for only 48 minutes.”
While the outage did affect the smelter’s fume management systems, Portland Aluminium maintain compliance with it’s EPA licence conditions.
“The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was notified immediately following the outage and have been issued with a formal notification,” explained Environmental Manager, Jodie Gould.
No employees or contractors were injured as a result of the incident and repairs are underway with the transformer expected by be back in service by the end of the week.