September 14, 2010

Dead Fish Found in Anglesea River

On Monday 13 September, the Geelong EPA office received a report of dead fish in the Anglesea River.

Over the past six weeks Anglesea has been experiencing considerably higher than average rainfall. This has resulted in Salt Creek and Marshy Creek, the tributaries that flow in to Anglesea River, flowing heavily in recent days for the first time in many months.
During our routine water monitoring, Alcoa noticed this irregular flow late last week and proactively reported it to the EPA. Water testing conducted at the time indicated Alcoa’s water discharge remained at normal levels within the EPA licensed pH level range but that water in both creeks was found to have a low pH.
Independent testing by the EPA has since confirmed that this low pH water from Salt and Marshy Creek flowing in to the Anglesea River has lead to fish deaths.
Alcoa’s water discharge is a consistent process and does not change the pH levels in the Anglesea River. This has been confirmed by the EPA and DPI investigation into the fish deaths.
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If you have further queries, please contact Anthea Doran on 0404 800 148 in relation to Alcoa information; Kate Turner at the Geelong EPA Office on 5226 4825 or Matt Ward from Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries Department) on 5226 4688.

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