May 21, 2010

KIDS Foundation and Alcoa of Australia - a winning combination

The KIDS Foundation and Alcoa of Australia partnership last night took out the $10,000 first prize at the inaugural Rotary Club Community Service Awards.

The partnership was also awarded the 'Community Group - Youth Services' Award for their work in injury prevention.
The partnership was recognised for its work in delivering quality safety education programs and the overall benefits the partnership provides to both organisations.
Founder of the KIDS Foundation, Susie O’Neill and Corporate Affairs Manager for Alcoa of Australia, Brendan Foran were united in their praise for each other’s company’s involvement.
“We are honoured to accept Rotary Club’s inaugural Community Service Award, and it’s a great recognition of a truly great partnership,” said Susie.
“Alcoa has for the past six years been more than just a corporate partner providing financial support, they have been engaged in the programs we have managed with our community stakeholders and they have also engaged our programs and stakeholders across their national workforce, reinforcing the need for their employees to remain safe.
“A true partnership in every sense of the word.”
Alcoa of Australia’s Brendan Foran said safety is a vital driver for the business and the awards are a great acknowledgement of efforts to extend that commitment into the community.
“The KIDS Foundation changes the lives of people all over Australia every day, including our employees whom they have engaged in employee volunteering and behavioural safety programs.
“The KIDS Foundation is a great partner and we are very proud of what we have achieved by working together on workplace and community safety.”

A few of the fundamentals of the partnership
KIDS Foundation has received funding to support both Injury Prevention and Injury Recovery programs over the past five years.
At the end of 2011, KIDS Foundation will have received around $900,000 in funding support from Alcoa. In addition to this, Alcoa has provided KIDS Foundation with support in the form of volunteers who have attended Camps and Safety Education Field Days.
Currently Alcoa supports the following programs financially and in-kind through volunteer support:
1. SeeMore Safety program (pre-schools) –   The SeeMore Safety program is delivered to x24 pre-schools across the x8 Australian Alcoa sites (i.e. x3 pre-schools per Alcoa site). SeeMore Safety is a KIDS Foundation pre-school health and safety education program delivered through pre-schools, kindergartens and playgroups. The SeeMore Safety program establishes the foundation for developing risk management life skills that will increase safety awareness and decrease injuries in children.
2. Safety Club (primary schools) – The Safety Club is delivered to x40 primary schools across the x8 Australian Alcoa sites (i.e. x5 per Alcoa site). The Safety Club has been developed as a school-based program to guide school communities on issues of child safety and injury prevention. It is a student-driven leadership program, delivered to upper primary students.
3. Field Days – The x8 Safety Education & Leadership Field Days (i.e. x1 per Alcoa site) are delivered as part of the Safety Club program. Safety Education & Leadership Field Days are conducted for student and teacher Safety Club representatives to develop their leadership and hazard identification skills. A Field Day is conducted in Term 2 each year for all primary schools involved in the Safety Club program. 
4. Injury Free Day in Schools – Alcoa Foundation has been the premium partner for Injury Free Day in schools. Injury Free Day is held annually on the last Friday in October, with schools and businesses participating nationally. Injury Free Day will be held on Friday October 29, 2010, and Friday October 28, 2011. Injury Free Day is an opportunity for schools and businesses across the country to raise safety awareness and contribute to reducing the incidence of childhood injury.
5. Kelly St magazine – Alcoa Foundation sponsors the development and design of Kelly St magazine and receives branding recognition (i.e. logo display) on the front and back covers of the magazine.
Kelly St is a 24-page full colour safety education resource, developed by KIDS Foundation. All  primary schools across Australia (7,500 schools) receive one copy of Kelly St, however Safety Club schools receive a complete classroom set ( x30 magazines) in Term 1 of the school year. Approximately 120 schools will receive a classroom set in 2010.
6. Safe School Community International Accreditation Programme (SSCIAP) - KIDS Foundation and Alcoa support one school through the SSCIAP process. This is a continuation of activities commenced in 2009 and the KIDS Foundation anticipates this process will conclude in early 2010. An award ceremony for the successful school – Torquay Primary School - will be held in Term 2 (mid April). To gain accreditation, schools and their communities must be committed to building safer surroundings and developing a culture of appropriate risk management for young people. 
7. Evaluation of partnership progress -The KIDS Foundation engages an external organisation to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the KIDS Foundation/Alcoa Foundation partnership and programs.
8. Partnership branding and internal promotion – The KIDS Foundation, with the support of Alcoa Foundation, promotes the partnership brand via a variety of communication channels. In addition, the “Together Safety First” logo is included in printed materials associated with Alcoa supported programs/schools.
9. Communications strategy – Continued development and implementation of a comprehensive communications strategy that highlights the goals, activities, deliverables and achievements.