October 27, 2009

From Utah to Anglesea, in the name of falcons

Utah is a long way from the small coastal town of Anglesea.

But that didn't stop four falcon enthusiasts from Salt Lake City in Utah, USA, from making a detour on their recent Australian holiday to see firsthand the peregrine falcons they have long been following on the webcam.
The two couples - Les and Deborah Thompson, and Mary and Karl Wall - are involved in the Peregrine Falcon Program in Salt lake City, Utah and have been following Alcoa Anglesea's webcam for a number of years.
They made a special trip to the power station this week as part of their trip to Australia.
Community Relations Officer Anthea Doran hosted the group for an hour, where they watched the falcon nest from below the water tower and also went up to the seventh floor where luckily one of the falcons decided to sit on the power station structure right outside the lift well to welcome the group to the power station.
This was the closest the Utah folk had ever been to a grown falcon and they were delighted by their visit and what they saw.