August 21, 2009

Workforce restructuring program underway

Alcoa’s Point Henry Smelter and Anglesea Power Station are undertaking a workforce restructuring program as part of the Company’s continuing efforts to manage through the global economic downturn.

Point Henry Operations Manager Stewart Esdale said the aluminium industry continues to face extraordinary market conditions and the workforce restructuring program is required to adjust to the current climate.
“We are continuing to take the necessary action to manage the impacts on our business of the global financial crisis,” said Mr Esdale.
“We have made it an absolute priority to engage our people in the issues that we are facing since the outset, and to encourage them to become involved in cost reduction initiatives and activities.
“There’s been a great deal of work undertaken to reduce costs and we have saved around $6 million so far this year but there is still more work to be done to ensure our sustainability.”
The restructuring program will involve both staff and unionised members of the workforce and where possible, will be achieved through voluntary redundancies and redeployment. All employees have the opportunity to personally discuss the restructuring program with their direct manager and access to counselling services and other support. The exact number of roles to be made redundant at both sites will be confirmed in coming weeks.
“These times are not easy on our people and their families. The challenges we face require us to make some very tough decisions but we will do our best and continue to explore all options to get through with the least impact on our people and the community,” said Mr Esdale.

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