July 22, 2009

Planned five-day shutdown of Alcoa Australia Rolled Products

Alcoa Australia Rolled Products (ARP) has announced a planned five-day shutdown of its Point Henry Rolling operations as part of its continuing efforts to manage the impacts of the global financial crisis.

Alcoa ARP Managing Director, Mark Vrablec, said all business operations will be suspended for five working days from Monday 17 August to Friday 21 August 2009 (inclusive).
The decision does not impact the Point Henry Smelting or Anglesea Power Station operations.

“It is essential that we rapidly adjust to the challenges that the current severe economic downturn continues to present such as the significant reduction in demand from all key customers,” said Mr Vrablec.

The five day suspension of operations will be taken as annual and long-service leave by the majority of the 350 employees of Alcoa ARP at Point Henry.

“A small number of employees will be required for ongoing monitoring and maintenance operations and we will continue to assess all options to minimise future impacts of employees,” said Mr Vrablec.

“We have and will continue to regularly communicate to our employees, customers and stakeholders on the decisive action we are taking to manage the impacts of the economic downturn.”

The rolling operations have been producing aluminium sheet at Point Henry since 1965, and has the capacity to produce around 90,000 tonnes of rolled aluminium each year for use in aluminium beverage cans and wine screw cap closures. Over 50 per cent of its rolled product is exported, mainly to Asian markets.

For more information on Alcoa Australia Rolled Products, refer to www.alcoaarp.com.au