June 10, 2009

Alcoa Point Henry responding to global financial crisis

Alcoa Point Henry Smelter’s effort to manage through the global economic downturn is the subject of ongoing communication with employees, unions, contractors, suppliers and stakeholders from the region.

Point Henry Smelter Manager Stewart Esdale said the aluminium industry continues to face extraordinary market conditions and an open, two-way dialogue with key stakeholders is critical to working through the challenges.
“We are continuing to take decisive action to manage the impacts on our business of the global financial crisis,” said Mr Esdale.
“We have made it an absolute priority to engage our people in the issues that we are facing since the outset, and to encourage them to become involved in cost reduction initiatives and activities.
“We have saved around $5 million so far this year and still have a way to go to meet our sustainability challenge.”
Mr Esdale said Alcoa’s response to managing through the economic downturn has been well documented publicly and continues to be the subject of regular external briefings to stakeholders from the region.
“We have been talking with our community stakeholders throughout the year to keep them informed on the actions we are taking to manage the current issues and set ourselves up for a sustainable, long-term future.”
Alcoa of Australia’s Managing Director Alan Cransberg recently gave a 45 minute presentation to 100 guests at the Geelong Manufacturing Council’s Annual Dinner where he said “these are extraordinary times that require extraordinary measures”.
To see how Alcoa is managing through the global economic downturn visit: http://www.alcoa.com/australia/en/info_page/economic_downturn.asp