October 4, 2006

Portland Aluminium to celebrate 20 year milestone this Month

Portland Aluminium will celebrate a significant milestone this month when it hosts a series of events to mark 20 years since the smelter commenced operations.

An Open Day will be held on Sunday October 15 for the local community, marking 20 years since the smelter opened. The Open Day will be one of the many planned events to celebrate Portland Aluminium’s 20 year anniversary in October.
Portland Aluminium Operations Manager John Osborne said the smelter was extremely proud of its history in the community and invited all employees and community members to join in the celebrations by attending the Open Day.
Mr Osborne said Portland Aluminium was also extremely proud of the fact that 97 of its current employees had been with the company since since production began in 1986.
“Our presence in Portland and our place and impact in the local community has and will always be a focus and a priority for our operations,” Mr Osborne said.
“Portland Aluminium’s vision is to be the best company in the world, and over the past two decades, we have strived to achieve this by continually challenging ourselves and implementing change to improve our processes and work practices.”
Mr Osborne also said Portland Aluminium was committed to partnering stronger communities and today shared more than 100 partnerships with local community organisations and groups, some which include: Loaves and Fishes, United Way Glenelg, Winda Mara Aboriginal Co-op and the Portland and District Principal’s Association.
“Many of our community partners will also help us celebrate our significant milestone by joining in with our valued employees and their families and the wider Portland community at the Open Day which will provide an insight into how the smelter has developed over the past 20 years.
Portland Aluminium’s Open Day will be held on October 15 from 11am to 3pm.
An employee dinner and a stakeholder luncheon will also be held during the lead up to the open day to celebrate Portland Aluminium’s 20 years in the community.