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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

This week our Technology Delivery Group (TDG), which is the alumina refining R&D team, was honoured with the inaugural Australasian Industrial Research Group Medal. This is the third award TDG has won in the past 12 months for ground-breaking technology that’s helping to reduce our energy use. This team, based right here in Australia, is constantly developing innovative new equipment and processes for cleaner, more efficient production at Alcoa refineries worldwide and consistently helps to solve environmental challenges.  This is a much deserved win for technology that was more than 10 years in the making. Well done team.

On-ground environmental conservation work with our signature national partner Greening Australia continues. Some of the second quarter achievements included the planting of 16,000 seedlings with 200 school children in Yarloop, WA, and the collection of 15 kilograms of native seed to support regional revegetation activities in western Victoria. Read more.

The process to renew our Anglesea mine lease is ongoing. It’s important to note that the decision on future mining plans is a separate process to what is currently being undertaken with the government to modernise the terms of the lease. Alcoa has an existing long-standing coal mining plan in place until 2016, and no decision around future mining plans will be made until research is complete and the relevant government and community consultation has happened. Read the background to the lease renewal here. 

part of our everyday lives

alcoa and aerospace
Did you know Alcoa produces advanced products for all major aircraft? And much of the aluminium to make this possible starts out as dirt in the Darling Range south of Perth.
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our business

innovation awarded
Alcoa’s global refining research and development team, based at Kwinana Refinery, has been awarded the inaugural AIRG Medal for technology that reduces the company’s energy use.
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part of the solution

biochar and energy from trees
A new bioenergy project aimed at sequestering carbon emissions and building resilient landscapes in western Victoria is underway, thanks to Alcoa Foundation.
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partnering stronger communities

environmental & health investments
Second quarter highlights from our partnership with Greening Australia and our employees aid sleep research with a grant to PMH in Perth.
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our people

alcoa employees notch up a quarter century
Alcoans in Victoria reach a quarter of a century service and generations of the same family within our ranks in WA.
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