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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

As you would expect, we continue to work through the carbon pricing detail released by the Federal Government this month. While we will need to see the detailed provisions in the regulations before being able to accurately determine the full implications for Alcoa, I am confident the government has heard our concerns and provided measures that can help our Australian facilities remain globally competitive. We’ll continue constructive discussions with government and local members of parliament to ensure the actual legislation delivers the industry assistance that’s been announced. Several of our local members of parliament and local community leaders have been strong advocates for our business and this sort of support is incredibly valuable and we greatly appreciate it.

Our parent company Alcoa Inc has turned in another strong quarter, with solid revenue and earnings growth.  Alcoa’s second quarter results were released recently showing Q2 2011 income from continuing operations jumped 138% compared with a year ago.  The overall outlook for Alcoa remains positive and demand for our product continues to rise. We project aluminium demand will grow 12% this year and double by 2020.

I’m excited to announce that 11 young Australian students from WA and Victoria have been successful in gaining Alcoa Global Service Leaders Scholarships through the Alcoa Foundation. They are about to head to Canada, along with 39 other students from 21 countries, for a two-week hands-on leadership program. This is the first year the Alcoa Foundation has offered these fully-funded scholarships – I love this idea, what a fantastic experience for our potential leaders of tomorrow. Read more. 

part of our everyday lives

aluminium innovation
Architectural panels with the air cleansing power of 80 trees, and aluminium solutions for aerospace lead to fuel efficiency.
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our business

bauxite residue sand trials
Assessment of the unique properties and diverse uses for Alcoa’s processed bauxite residue sand continue with a further three trials underway in WA.
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part of the solution

protecting peel-harvey wetlands
A new sustainable land use research project, funded by Alcoa Foundation, has begun in partnership with Greening Australia.
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partnering stronger communities

overseas scholarships for local students
We invest in tomorrow’s leaders by sending 11 students from WA and Victoria to a leadership academy in Canada.
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our people

celebrating long-standing employees
60% of our people have been with us for more than 10 years. We celebrate three people who recently hit 25 and 40 year milestones.
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