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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

The Alcoa Board of Directors from the US visited our Western Australian operations earlier this month. Across two action packed days we showcased our Huntly bauxite mine and the Pinjarra and Wagerup alumina refineries. It was a shame we couldn’t get to our Victorian smelters, the Kwinana Refinery or our global refining research and development facility, but often with these sorts of visits time is a limitation. I’m very confident, based on feedback received, that the Directors were extremely impressed by the facilities, the business results and our people - this was an important visit for us and I’m delighted it went so well. Read more below.

Alcoa’s global 2010 Sustainability Report has been released showing a significant reduction in our carbon footprint and exceeding our 2020 carbon reduction goal.  Regardless of future legislation to price carbon, Alcoa will always work towards continually reducing our greenhouse gas emissions which is important for the environment and our business. Read more.

Portland Aluminium and the Australian Workers’ Union recently secured a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement for around 360 employees. I’m very pleased that together we’ve come to a deal that’s fair to employees by maintaining competitive salaries and working conditions and to the company by making sure Portland Aluminium has the enablers to remain competitive in a global market.

As usual our investment in the communities where we operate continues, and this month we’ve launched our Make an Impact program into the Shire of Murray in WA.  This follows a successful launch of the same program into Anglesea in Victoria earlier this year. Make an Impact is a fantastic tool that helps individuals become part of the solution to climate change by making simple and practical changes to their homes and lifestyles. Our people have been part of it since 2006 (it has certainly changed the way I think and act) and now it’s wonderful to be able to share it with others.

part of our everyday lives

future of sustainable design
When it comes to consumer electronics, aluminium is preferred: 92% of consumers prefer it for their smartphones; 84% for their laptops.
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our business

environmental improvements
A reduction in our carbon footprint, an environmental upgrade for Point Henry and the Alcoa Board of Directors visit WA.
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part of the solution

greening our communities
Powering towards an ambitious tree planting goal and our personal carbon footprint reduction program shared with communities.
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partnering stronger communities

developing tomorrow’s leaders
Future Leaders of Industry programs going strong in Victoria, while students in WA consider careers in science thanks to a new partnership.
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our people

alcoans on earthwatch
Alcoa Foundation’s partnership with the Earthwatch Institute will see three employees travel to China and Brazil for critical ecological research projects.
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Learn why aluminium is called a ‘miracle metal’ – click here to watch our video.
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