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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

Our global business, Alcoa Inc, released its Q1 results this month with revenue up 22% on Q1 2010 and the best revenue result since Q3 2008. Our Australian operations certainly did their job in helping the global corporation make these good results. The outlook for the rest of 2011 looks positive and we think global aluminium demand will grow around 12% this year – things are looking healthy again.

One of the most important things happening within our Australian business at the moment is the renewal of our Anglesea mine lease in Victoria. We’ve hit the half way mark in our 100 year legislative right to operate our facilities at Anglesea and are essentially going through a ‘modernisation’ process to update the terms of our lease. This will ensure the non-mining part of the 7000 hectare lease has greater potential for environmental preservation than ever before. I encourage you to follow developments at

Alcoa’s President of Global Primary Products, John Thuestad, was in WA recently and we took the chance to show him first hand the promising work going on in the Perth basin to appraise the Warro tight gas field. His visit was timely because the project, a joint initiative of Alcoa and Transerv Energy, reached a key milestone this month with the drilling of the next appraisal well, Warro 4, beginning.  If the field can be commercialised, we will have the right to 65% of the gas to supply our three alumina refineries in WA.  This would be a big win for both Alcoa and WA, at a time when competitiveness and diversity of gas supply in the State remains a critical issue. Read more.

part of our everyday lives

apple and aluminium
Aluminium features in the iPod, iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Now, watch a block of aluminium turn into an Apple MacBook.
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our business

anglesea mine lease update
We’re updating the terms of our Anglesea mine lease with the Victorian Government. Meantime further carbon capture trials get underway.
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part of the solution

milestone for perth basin gas
Alcoa and Transerv Energy hit a milestone towards evaluating the commercial viability of the Warro gas field.
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partnering stronger communities

supporting indigenous boys and protecting an iconic river
Clontarf Foundation’s important work continues with the help of Alcoa Foundation, while we invest further in the health of the Swan River.
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our people

volunteering and recognition
Our employees keep up their community volunteering efforts in Geelong and Australian Alcoans make an impact on the global stage.
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If you would like to learn more about Alcoa’s operations and contribution to the
Australian community, visit
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