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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

What a month! I announced a couple of weeks back that Alcoa is seeking an extension of the government approval to expand our Wagerup Refinery in WA. We put this project on hold in 2008 for several reasons, but we’re still keen to grow our contribution to WA’s economy, infrastructure and employment, if and when the conditions are right. Read more. 

Our Enterprise Bargaining Agreement negotiations with the Australian Workers’ Union for Pinjarra Refinery in WA have wrapped up. It took some time, as these things always do, but we’ve ended up with a good deal for employees and a good deal for the business so we can continue to grow sustainably.

There’s been a milestone in relation to our efforts to commercialise one of our alumina refining by-products, Red Sand™. We’ve signed an MOU with leading industrial garnet producer, Garnet International Resources Limited. This paves the way for further research and trials of the product, with the aim of then securing approval to commercialise it as an alternative to general purpose sand. It’s exciting stuff and great to potentially create another valuable commodity. 

Finally, I want to congratulate our ten Aussie Alcoans, from our Point Henry Smelter in Victoria and Wagerup Refinery, who are jetting off to the USA next month after being named finalists in our internal recognition awards program. These awards recognise teams that have demonstrated extraordinary business results and, importantly, they allow the sharing of best practices across all Alcoa business units globally.  The Point Henry team’s project, Moolapio, is an example of best practice land management which has even been recognised by the United Nations.  Excellent work, read more below.

part of our everyday lives

aluminium in fashion and transport
High-fashion runways and aluminium production are not as far apart as you might imagine. And Alcoa wheels selected as a ‘top 5’ product.
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our business

announcements, awards and changes
Seeking an extension of the approval to expand Wagerup, Alcoa in top spot on the ethical rankings, and management changes in Victoria.
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part of the solution

milestone for alumina refining by-product
The recovery and reuse of one of our by-products on a commercial scale is a step closer following the signing of an MOU with a leading industrial garnet producer.
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partnering stronger communities

growing stronger together

We kick off an exciting new period in our long-running partnership with Greening Australia, and a community service award for an Alcoa volunteer.
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our people

global recognition
Ten Australian Alcoans, from Point Henry Smelter and Wagerup Refinery, are headed to the US as finalists in our Global Impact Awards.
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