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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

Here we are again at the start of a new year … never ceases to amaze me how quickly the years roll around!  I am looking forward to having a crack at the challenges 2011 will bring.

It was great that Alcoa Inc started the year on a positive note. Have a look at the recent release of our 4th quarter results – our highest quarterly income since the economic downturn. We also managed to reduce our debt load and generated a lot of cash to continue to invest in this Company, including over a billion dollars to be spent on our operations in Australia over the next three years.

Just before last year’s end our enterprise bargaining agreement negotiations with the Australian Workers’ Union, representing about 1200 WA employees, wrapped up. We worked very hard on that to make it fair for employees, fair to the Company and to enable us to continue to run this business successfully. Read more.

This year will see our on-going support of our communities through partnerships with KIDS Foundation, Bluearth, Sculpture by the Sea in Perth, Regional Arts Victoria, Clontarf Foundation and hundreds of local associations. And we enter the 29th year of our partnership with Greening Australia. This is our signature national partnership, supported at two levels by Alcoa of Australia and the Alcoa Foundation, focusing on environmental conservation and sustainability. I look forward to some great work this year - I commit that we will continue to take our responsibility to the community very seriously given the mutual dependence we have on each other.

We were also pleased to donate to the Queensland Flood Appeal this month, and the Lake Clifton bushfires relief effort in WA. Our thoughts are with all those impacted by these horrible events.

I’ll keep you informed about Alcoa of Australia’s activities this year, and wish you every success for 2011.

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Three award wins for our facility which plays a central role in mine site rehabilitation. And the global business releases its latest financial results.
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recycling solutions through partnerships
We’re using partnerships to help boost community recycling rates. An innovative new Victorian program, launched last year, has expanded to Portland.
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Alcoa Anglesea and Parks Victoria celebrate a milestone, while a unique new health partnership in Portland gets underway.
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Alcoa and the Australian Workers’ Union secure a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement for over 1200 WA employees - a positive deal for both parties.
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