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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

Last month I was appointed President of the Australian Aluminium Council (AAC), and of course the priority for the industry right now is making sure the Federal Government clearly understands the potential impacts of its Resources Super Profits Tax (RSPT).  Both the AAC and Alcoa continue to oppose a RSPT.  While there are lots of details to be worked out around how the tax will be applied in our specific industry, there’s no doubt the industry, as well as the local, state and national economies, will suffer under this proposal.  It would potentially make Australia the highest taxing regime in the world, and potentially drive investment and new jobs elsewhere. As a country, we should be continuing to look for ways to encourage and stimulate growth.

This month saw the launch of an exciting initiative in Victoria. Through Alcoa Foundation funding, we’re working with Sustainability Victoria to help promote recycling and encourage behavioural change at an individual level. It all starts with new recycling bins in public places, making it easier for people to recycle when they’re out and about. As the operator of the country’s largest aluminium recycling facility, recycling is something we’re particularly passionate about – plus our own product is endlessly recyclable.  Did you know that it’s this endless recyclability and aluminium’s light weight properties that will eventually make the production of aluminium climate neutral?

We recently celebrated the 30th birthday of our Marrinup Nursery in WA. The Nursery plays a crucial role in our successful jarrah forest rehabilitation. It’s a unique, world class facility with technology that helps achieve our goal to return 100% of plant species after mining.
Our partnership with the KIDS Foundation was recently recognised by Rotary for delivering quality safety education programs for kids. Accepting the award, KIDS Foundation Founder Susie O’Neill described our relationship as “a true partnership in every sense of the word.”  That’s what we aim for. Meanwhile, at the WA Citizen of the Year Awards in Perth I presented the Finding Sydney Foundation with the Alcoa Gold Swan Award - this honours an organisation that improves the lives and opportunities of West Australians.  Read more.

As someone who has worked in the aluminium industry for 30 years, I always have an urge to correct people when they refer to aluminium foil as ‘tin’ foil.  2010 marks the 100th anniversary of aluminium foil – just one of the many wonderful products coming from our miracle metal. Good stuff this aluminium – you can make A380’s out of it too!

part of our everyday lives

happy b’day aluminium foil

2010 marks the 100th anniversary of the first aluminium foil production.
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our business

marrinup anniversary
We celebrate the Alcoa Marrinup Nursery’s 30th birthday, the facility that enables us to be a world leader in mine site rehabilitation.
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part of the solution

environmental boost

Recycling rates expected to increase, and achieving real results with Greening Australia.
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partnering stronger communities

community winners

Our partnership with the KIDS Foundation honoured by Rotary, and the Alcoa Gold Swan Award given to a worthy recipient.
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our people

celebrating 40 year duo
They started their Alcoa careers in the same year, on the same day, in the same work area – now 40 years down the track, they’re still with us.
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