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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

Amid our on-going business challenges, we also get good news. In partnership with Greening Australia, we’ve won another award for the Moolapio project near our Point Henry smelter in Geelong. The Victorian Coastal Award for Excellence recognises sustainable land management plans and is Moolapio’s second award in as many years. Great news. Read more.

The Federal Government’s proposed Resources Super Profits Tax has caused much concern in the industry. I am very surprised that the Government would go ahead with this approach given the resources sector ploughs so much money back into Australia and is so important to regional Australia in particular.  This tax could potentially impact resource companies’ re-investment that is so critical for our country’s ongoing economic prosperity.  There would be large implications for our country given that every dollar invested into our industry has such a large impact on the regional, state and national economies.  Alcoa will be working with industry bodies, the Australian Aluminium Council, and other business associations to try and steer this in a better direction.  We have been investing billions of dollars into this economy for the past 47 years and are proud of the contribution we make in taxes, employment, growth of local industry that supports us, and in growing the communities where we operate. More to come!!

Meanwhile, please catch up on Alcoa’s global Sustainability Report. This has been released this month outlining the sustainability of our products, and global operations and resources.  Take a look here to learn more about our miracle metal aluminium, and its importance for the future as a sustainable product.

part of our everyday lives

aerospace to cans
Our product gets big tick from aerospace industry and the aluminium can becomes benchmark for sustainable packaging.
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our business

new enviro-
nmental goals

Alcoa Inc's 2009 global Sustainability Report is now available, examining the sustainability of our products, operations and resources.
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part of the solution

'green' award
Environmental partnership between Alcoa and Greening Australia wins second prestigious award.
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partnering stronger communities

long-standing partnerships continue
Fairbridge trainees get a taste of the Alcoa life in WA and future leaders of industry unearthed in Victoria.
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our people

new figures: alcoa ahead
Alcoa women benefiting from strong paid maternity leave provisions, flexibility, and job-share arrangements.
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If you would like to learn more about Alcoa’s operations and contribution to the
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