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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

Are we already two months into the new year?  Goes quick doesn’t it? Kids back in school, people back from holidays and we are into another year full of opportunities and challenges.

Last month Alcoa Inc released its full year results for the global company, and I’m pleased to report we are ahead of our key financial goals. This is thanks to the great efforts of our people to conserve cash as we managed through the downturn. In Q4 2009, Alcoa globally was cash flow positive for the first time since Q2 2008 and it was good to see revenues increase 18% from Q3 2009. We’re moving in the right direction, but we face another highly challenging year.  Globally there was a lot of restructuring in 2009 that will hold our business in good stead for the years to come.

Currency issues, energy security, Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme uncertainty, and our current WA Enterprise Bargaining Agreements negotiations (with members of the AWU) will all keep us on our toes this year. We need to stay agile and will act decisively to deliver on our priorities - the safety of our people and the sustainability of our business.

One to watch for next month - Sculpture by the Sea kicks off in Perth. Here we see aluminium in art, and my favourite event – the 'Alcoa School Education Program'.  Well over a thousand kids coming to the beach to work with artists, create sculpture and experience our versatile metal, aluminium. It’s great, pictures next month!

I look forward to keeping you updated as we move through the year and, as always, your feedback and comments are welcome.

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