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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

Great news for WA recently with the announcement that the Gorgon project will proceed. However, it did worry me that the ACCC decided to allow the Gorgon partners to jointly sell gas to the WA market. In the mature market we now have, I see no reason why this gas should not be marketed independently. This joint marketing authority reduces competition and could lead to higher prices for customers. The availability and affordability of gas is important for growth and development in WA. It’s critical we keep pushing for an energy security strategy that ensures new gas supplies come on to the WA market, independent selling around future gas projects, and a sufficient reservation of gas for domestic use. It’s a question of balance between our LNG and our domestic gas industries.

When I returned to Australia, after eight years with Alcoa in the US, I was surprised to learn that local sand supplies are in decline, and that construction companies are looking for alternatives.  Our R&D group has 20 years of research that shows there are a number of high potential by-products coming from our bauxite residue. This exciting work could lead to great environmental benefits. Read more.

Please check out our Alcoa volunteers in action during our annual ‘Worldwide Month of Service’ last month … and do take a look at our story below under ‘part of the solution’. Our people are featuring in some great new ads to help demonstrate our commitment to tackling climate change on a number of levels.

part of our everyday lives

air travel advancements with aluminium
Alcoa is exploring leading technology solutions for China’s new passenger jet.
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our business

turning alcoa sand into a valuable product
Local sand supplies are in decline and Alcoa could soon be in a position to help solve that issue.
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part of the solution

climate change action
Our people in adverts for climate change action, and the latest from the bird world through our Peregrine Falcon WebCam.
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partnering stronger communities

month of service ranks a winner
Big increase in participation during our annual volunteering month, while our people team up with local schools to promote safety.
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our people

top honours for alcoans
Our Community Education Team a finalist in the WA Tourism Awards, and an Alcoa engineer receives a prestigious award.
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If you would like to learn more about Alcoa’s operations and contribution to the
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