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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

This month we’ve been celebrating our wonderful employee volunteers – it’s Alcoa’s Worldwide Month of Service when we get out and make a difference to over 400 communities in more than 30 countries. While a lot of our people are volunteers throughout the year, this is the month we encourage all our people to get involved.  It’s been a lot of fun this year – I worked with 30 other Alcoans to weed a section of local bushland near our HQ in Perth, I also joined our Peel Office and Pinjarra Refinery employees to paint a local RSL, and I teamed up with a group of community members to plant trees at Nell’s Block in Yarloop.  As we travel through these challenging economic times, supporting our communities in the way they want to be supported is more important than ever. Our volunteers have even been on TV – watch them here.

Recent articles in the Victorian media raised questions regarding our energy contracts in that State. Please take the time to consider the other side of the story, and read our position here. Meantime as we continue conversations with all stakeholders about the impending Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, indirect emissions (or the ‘Electricity Allocation Factor’) remains a critical issue for us. Again, please read more on our position.

Some great news - Alcoa recently won the WA section of the Australian Export Awards, in the Minerals and Energy Export category.   This is the second consecutive year we’ve won the State award and it again puts us in the running for the National awards in November. Fingers crossed.

As always we welcome your thoughts about Alcoa and our work. Drop us a line anytime – click here.

part of our everyday lives

space shuttle powered by alcoa

The last Space Shuttle launch, scheduled to fly in 2010, will be powered by propellant made with Alcoa’s aluminium powder.
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our business

challenges and achievements

The electricity allocation factor explained, honours for our sustainability achievements, and nanotech-
nology break-
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part of the solution

environmental accolades
Alcoa has been named a finalist in the WA Environment Awards, and we celebrate a milestone for our mine-site rehabilitation.
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partnering stronger communities

focus on health services
Community partnerships see a boost for health services in Portland, Geelong and Western Aust-
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our people

month of service celebrations
Thousands of Alcoans volunteering in our commun-
ities,  watch our Alcoa tree planters in action, and our people giving their time to help Aussie burns survivors.
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Energy security: a critical issue for Western Australia - watch our short video.
If you would like to learn more about Alcoa’s operations and contribution to the
Australian community, visit
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