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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

Last week we saw the defeat of the Federal Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) legislation in the Senate. This issue is far from over of course, and Alcoa continues to support a CPRS and a Renewable Energy Target that deliver reductions in greenhouse emissions without compromising the international competitiveness of Australian industry and jobs.  Read more.

I mentioned the issue of energy security last month - it's a critical issue not just for Alcoa, but all business and households. I spoke recently on this topic at an American Chamber of Commerce lunch in Perth, and will soon address the Energy in WA Conference in Perth. It’s essential that Governments map out a national energy security strategy to achieve a balance between LNG and domestic needs.
As always, great things are happening in our communities – not least a number of scholarships for community organisations funded through the Alcoa Foundation. Our scholarships, over the past two months, have seen 62 community workers from around our operations, in Victoria and WA, participate in capacity building training to help them  improve the governance and direction of their organisations, and ultimately help enhance community services. Read more.

part of our everyday lives

energy-efficient fuel tanker
Alcoa has teamed up with a specialty truck manufact-
urer in China to apply our world-class engineer-
ing expertise and develop a new, energy-efficient, alum-
inium fuel tanker trailer.
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our business

aluminium - critical to australia and the world
Alcoa Inc has notched up 50 years on The Dow, while Alcoa calls on the Government and Opposition to negotiate to get the Carbon Pollution Redu-
ction Scheme right.
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part of the solution

the key to our sustainable future

Our global R&D group continues to play a vital role in our efficient future. Meantime a significant conservation project on our land at Point Henry receives Government backing.
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partnering stronger communities

community capacity building in wa & victoria
We help build skills in comm-
unity organis-
ations across the country, donate historic art to Geelong, and celebrate a winner at the Alcoa support-
ed WA Citizen of the Year Awards.
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our people

alcoans help highlight safety in schools

Our people are helping to reduce juvenile injuries by changing the way students think about safety, and one of our gradua-
tes tells what attracted her to a career at Alcoa.
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If you would like to learn more about Alcoa’s operations and contribution to the
Australian community, visit
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