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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

In these very tough times for all of us, there’s been cause for celebration at Alcoa this month. Our Wagerup Refinery and Willowdale Mine in Western Australia turned 25!  As part of our integrated bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium smelting and rolling system, Wagerup and Willowdale have been contributing to the national and local economy since 11 April, 1984.  I enjoyed reminiscing with colleagues as we marked the anniversary with a sausage sizzle at site. Many of us have been with Alcoa for 25 years and longer – our first refinery, at Kwinana, WA, was opened in 1963 after all. I always get a kick out of people’s loyalty, those who have travelled so far with us, many I worked with when I was cutting my Alcoa teeth as a young engineering graduate in 1980.
Meanwhile, Alcoa Inc released its first quarter results this month and while the global business’ financial performance was affected by the economic downturn and drop in demand, the company has been implementing decisive operational and financial actions. The plan is in place, it is being actioned and we aim to come out of this stronger than when we went in.  We know that we have a long way to go, and we will continue to put measures in place to weather the storm.
Please take a look at our global 2008 Sustainability Report, just released.  You’ll see our values come to life in the areas of ethics, climate change, waste, and community and employee engagement.  We’ve highlighted areas that show our progress, and where we recognise we have more work to do. Until next time.

part of our everyday lives
aviation first and alcoa is there
In an exciting aviation dev-
elopment, the first ever Boeing 777 Freighter - which Alcoa helped create – is gracing our skies.
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our business
our operations hit milestone birthdays
Our Wagerup Refinery and Willowdale Mine in WA celebrate their 25th anniver-
sary, and Angl-
esea Power Station turns 40 in Victoria.
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part of the solution
waste synergies help tackle climate change
Alcoa and Simcoa, a large producer of silicon in WA, are working together to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.
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partnering stronger communities
committed to community
Nominations open for the Alcoa Founda-
tion Outstand-
ing Community Worker Award, a new partner-
ship improves health services in rural Victoria, and recognition achieved for education & training.
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our people
employees help our business and beyond
Our employees are pulling their weight as we manage throu-
gh the econo-
mic downturn with great sug-
gestions for improving the business, as volunteering efforts continue.
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If you would like to learn more about Alcoa’s operations and contribution to the
Australian community, visit
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