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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

Welcome to the first edition of 2009. I hope you’ve had a happy and safe start to the new year.
Given the current economic climate, I expect 2009 will be our most challenging year to date. I continue to speak regularly with our people about how the business is travelling and I continue to reinforce that I don’t think Australia has seen the worst of the economic crisis yet.  As it unfolds, we’re all going to have to be pretty nimble to adjust to changing circumstances.   Following our recent decisions to reduce capital spend, reduce contractors and consultants, impose salary freezes and restrict travel – our people have demonstrated that they can successfully adapt to significant change.   These are uncertain times, but what is certain is that we have talented people running these businesses and we will all need to do extraordinary things over the next year in order for the business, our communities and ourselves to come out stronger.
This year will also be very important for Alcoa as we continue to work with Government to ensure the impending Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme is implemented in a way which reduces greenhouse gases but does not damage Australian industry and jobs.
As always, I’ll continue to keep you updated - the challenging year that faces us all certainly presents opportunities to discover new and more efficient ways of doing things and we should look forward to an interesting year ahead.

part of our everyday lives
the great light weight metal
Why recycling the whole aluminium can is vital. And, did you ever notice that aluminium is all around your home?
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our business
managing the economic turmoil
As for every-
one, 2009 is set to be a challenging year for Alcoa of Australia, as we navigate our way through the impacts of the global financial crisis.
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part of the solution
our mining rehab breaks records
We demonst-
rate why we’re a recognised world leader in mine site rehabilitation. Meantime we 
continue to work with the Government on the proposed ETS.
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partnering stronger communities
investing in diversity and training
Employing pe-
ople with a disability cont-
inues to enrich Point Henry. And we help build skills in local comm-
unities with our latest intake of apprentices.
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our people
alcoa employees dig deep
Our people in WA and Victoria put their hands in their own pockets, through pay-roll donation schemes, to help support their local communities.
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If you would like to learn more about Alcoa’s operations and contribution to the
Australian community, visit
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