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message from alan cransberg, managing director, alcoa of australia

At Alcoa, we continue to support a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, or ETS, that delivers reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and does not compromise the international competitiveness of our industry. Alcoa believes in a sustainable solution that supports greenhouse solutions and Australian jobs. Recent media reports, you may have seen, warn of job losses to the industry if the ETS misses the mark.
I would like to point out that it is not just an ETS which presents challenges to the aluminium industry.  The separate National Renewable Energy Target (NRET) also has significant implications for our industry. You can read more about NRET under 
our business  below.
As we start to get a better picture of what an Australian ETS might look like, it’s critical to remember that our operations in Australia are among the most greenhouse and energy efficient in the world. For example, every tonne of alumina made by Alcoa in Australia produces less than half the greenhouse emissions and uses just over half the energy than alumina made in China.
We will continue to work with stakeholders to ensure our issues are understood - we are committed to a strong future for our people and our communities.  Please read on and understand more about our important role in Australian life.

part of our everyday lives
alcoa’s lightweight aluminium helps make Games green
Thanks to Alcoa’s aluminium, two new environme-
ntally friendly buses are being road tested during the Olympic Gam-
es in Beijing.
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our business
energy target challenged while air quality confirmed
Alcoa’s MD has challenged the National Renewable Energy Target – while a newly released CSIRO report has confirmed the air quality near our Wag-
erup Refinery.
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part of the solution
world leader in mine rehabilitation
Alcoa is com-
mitted to the highest stan-
dards of env-
ironmental pe-
rformance and is leading the resources industry in environmental rehabilitation. 'It’s quite ama-
zing when you ...
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partnering stronger communities
alcoa, clontarf & national tree day
Alcoa has kicked educational goals for the Clontarf Fou-
ndation, while our employees across the country have been getting their hands dirty for the environment.
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our people
alcoa volunteers lend a hand
Our Victorian employees gave up their time recently to volunteer at a camp for burns survivors.  Meantime our people have unveiled a giant aluminium gift to our comm-
unity in Kwin-
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If you would like to learn more about Alcoa’s operations and contribution to the
Australian community, visit
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