Around 70 per cent of aluminium rolled into sheet at Yennora is produced from recycled metal. The Yennora plant uses ingots produced during the recycling process as well as ingots supplied by Alcoa at Point Henry. 
The ingots are transported to the hot rolling mill where they are heated to around 600 degrees Celsius and passed back and forth up to 22 times through a hot finishing mill.  This turns the ingot into a long aluminium strip approximately 100m long and 25mm thick.
The strip is then transferred to the warm rolling mill where it is passed back and forth three times to further reduce the thickness to between 0.75mm and 6mm before being coiled and cooled.
Once cooled, the coil is transported to the cold rolling mill where the aluminium’s thickness is again reduced.  The coil passes through the cold rolling mill three to four times at high speed – with up to 1000m of coil passing through the cold rolling mill per minute – where it can be reduced to a thickness of just 0.25mm.  The aluminium is again coiled and transported to finishing.
Most aluminium sheet requires a finishing step such as cleaning, coating or slitting.  All products are trimmed to customer specified widths before being dispatched to the customer via road, rail and sea.

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