Through the commitment of its people, use of technology, monitoring programs and projects such as waste minimisation, cleaner production and water conservation initiatives, the Yennora rolling mill and recycling facility is committed to environmental sustainability.
The Yennora site is ISO14001 certified for its environmental management system and is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and raising awareness of the benefits of recycling to the environment.
The Yennora site operates under the strict requirements of a NSW Environment Protection Licence issued by the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change and reports annually on emissions to the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI).  The NPI program is run cooperatively by the Australian, state and territory governments and can be viewed at  www.npi.gov.au.
You can also visit the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change website.
Environmental reporting
Alcoa Australia Rolled Products is committed to progressively reducing its environmental impact and is currently utilising recycled water amongst other energy saving initiatives.
Yennora produces an Environmental Improvement Plan (EIP) in consultation with the community which guides Yennora’s environmental management through a process of continuous improvement.
The EIP sets targets and actions and outlines environmental issues such as air management, water management, waste management and land management at Yennora.
Pollution Incident Response Management Plan
Alcoa ARP Yennora has prepared a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP) which is available to all Alcoa employees on site in accordance with New South Wales EPA requirements
The purpose of the PIRMP is to identify risks and develop actions to minimise and manage these risks and to ensure timely and comprehensive communication of a pollution incident to staff, relevant authorities and all other stakeholders affected by the impacts of a pollution incident.
Pollution Incident Notification Procedure

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